Los Alamitos Community Television began as a small local Public-access television cable TV channel in 1983 under authorization of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the mission to provide non commercial local programming to Rossmoor and the greater Los Alamitos community. The City of Los Alamitos is the Local Franchising Authority and currently owns all LATV assets and facilities. LATV-3 has evolved into a station that produces a full range of local programming, including local government, high school sports, local interest and public affairs and educational programming as well as community generated public-access television shows.

As LATV Studio 1 nears completion they are looking to the community to partner with them in creating new and exciting programming in the studio and outside of it that will reflect the cities own local interests, needs and concerns. LATV encourages community members and organizations, educational and business groups with a desire to reach a broader audience to engage with creative ideas for a program or series of programs. LATV will provide the studio, the crew and the technical expertise, the producers provide the creative energy, the program planning, coordination of guests and sponsorship if any.

LosAl TV Studio 1 website: and The site has embedded programming so you can watch current and relevant shows from the website.

For questions contact the Studio Production Coordinator, John Underwood at 562-619-3222 or email him.