Standing Committees

Audit Committee Nathan Searles-C, Jeffrey Rips
Budget Committee  Tony DeMarco-C, Jeffrey Rips
Investment Committee  Nathan Searles-C, Mark Nitikman
CIP/PW Committee  Jeff Barke-C, Mark Nitikman
Parks and Facilities Committee  Jeffrey Rips-C, Mark Nitikman
Trees/Parkways Committee  Tony DeMarco-C, Jeff Barke


Ad Hoc Committees

Rossmoor Advisory Committee (RAC)  Jeff Barke-C, Tony DeMarco
RCSD/RHA Liaison  Jeff Barke-C, Mark Nitikman
Mayor's Consortium Representative  Mark Nitikman-C, Jeffrey Rips
ISDOC Representative  n/a 
WCC/OCTA Representative  n/a 
Los Alamitos Unified School District  Jeff Barke-C, Tony DeMarco
Community Traffic/Safety Advisory  Tony DeMarco-C, Jeff Barke
Legislative Affairs Committee Jeff Barke-C, Jeffrey Rips
Organizational Committee Jeffrey Rips-C, Tony DeMarco


CSD Office

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Rossmoor Community Services District is located in the Community of Rossmoor in Orange County, California. Approximately 10,500 residents make their home in this unincorporated bedroom community located behind a signature brick wall situated between the cities of Seal Beach and Los Alamitos. The Special District of Rossmoor is governed by a five member Board of Directors, who are elected by the residents of Rossmoor and operates under the supervision of a General Manager. Rossmoor is known for its splendid urban forest, beautiful homes and strong family values.