Lost Pets

Lost Pets

In an effort to provide up-to-date information to animal lovers seeking lost pets or in search of a new potential family member, OC Animal Care is proud to offer to OC PetTrack free mobile application. OC Animal Care wishes to make the process of finding an animal as easy as possible with this ad-free experience, which offers the same animal information that is available from the OC Animal Care website. This information is updated every 30 minutes. Download the Free OC PetTrack Mobile App Today! Available on the App Store and on Google play.

Pet Management

Another alternative is to contact the Rossmoor Pet Management Team via the Rossmoor Homeowner Association website:



The Rossmoor PET Management team takes Rossmoor Found or Lost Cats & Dogs reports and helps to get the word out to reunite pet parents with their pets.

If you are willing to help the Rossmoor Pet Management Team by posting and retrieving flyers in the general area of the lost pet’s home or foster a found pet for a few hours to a few days, or if you’d like to just be notified of missing pets so you can be on the lookout, please complete the form on their website and RPMT will add you to their announcement list.

Finally, if you have an account on Nextdoor.com you can post information about Lost/Found pets on the Nextdoor website. Many pets have been successfully reunited with their families in this way. We know how much Rossmoor loves their pets and hope these resources leave you with a happy ending.