Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Report Coyote Sightings?

Rossmoor's Monthly Coyote Sightings Activity Report can be found in the Agenda.

Step 1: To report coyote sightings email the RCSD at rcsd@rossmoor-csd.org with your name, address, phone number, time and date of the sighting along with a brief description. Remember, the RCSD does not have jurisdiction over wildlife.

Step 2: You must also report the sightings to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife by following the link below.

Be sure to also Report Coyote Sightings Here!

For an imminent threat or if you feel you are in danger, dial 9-1-1 


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

What to do about Nuisance, Dangerous or Injured Wildlife

If humans are in immediate physical danger from an aggressive animal, CALL 9-1-1.

CDFW must follow Established Guidelines when dealing with wildlife that threatens Public Safety.

Report Wildlife Mortality

If you see dead fish, birds or other wildlife, DO NOT TOUCH! But do let us know by filling out the Mortality Reporting Form.

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

CDFW issues permits to independent facilities for wildlife rehabilitation.
Consult a nearby Rehabilitation Facility BEFORE removing an animal from the wild.

Report Wildlife Problems

To report general wildlife problems contact your Regional CDFW Office.

Living with Wildlife: Advice for common human-wildlife interactions









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