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Opportunists "Knock!" OC Sheriff Crime Prevention Tips

May 10 2017

Sergeant Feely of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department provided a quarterly crime report at the May 9, 2017 RCSD Board Meeting.

Sgt. Feely recommended the following practices to keep Rossmoor residents and their property safe: 

Knock, Knock Burglaries 

Recent reports have been received from residents about strangers knocking on their doors both during the day and well into the evening. To protect your family and property, when an unexpected knock occurs at your door, do not open your door. Rather, keep the door closed and locked, ask who the person is, and what they want. Make note of what they say and decline their offer or service. Do not open your door to a strangerBurglars use this “knock, knock…who’s there?” technique to gain entry to homes, scope out home occupancy, or evaluate content value. 

Remember, if you have a suspicious encounter, immediately contact OCSD at 714-647-7000 and provide the individual’s direction and mode of travel, individual’s physical description (from head to toe, clothing coloring and style is important), and time and location that the incident occurred. 

Lock It, Hide It, Keep It

Keep your car doors locked at all times when parked in your driveway or on the street. Many cars in Rossmoor that are broken into have been unlocked. Also, remove items from your car or place them out of view in your trunk for safe keeping. Thieves go down streets and check cars parked both on the street and in driveways to see if they are locked. If the car is locked, they will typically move on to an unlocked car. 

Catalytic Converter Theft

Stolen catalytic converters, particularly from Toyota trucks and other models, have been increasing. Law enforcement recommends parking in your garage to prevent this type of theft. If you must park in your driveway or on the street, add motion detection lights or continuous lights illuminating your property as a deterrent. If you have a vehicle with an easily accessible and highly desirable catalytic converter, get your catalytic converter etched with your vehicle license plate number by your vehicle service provider.