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The Rossmoor Community Services District pays R.F. Dickson to perform street sweeping services on the first and third Monday of every month between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Parking is prohibited on local streets during street sweeping hours as authorized by California Vehicle Code Section 22507.6.

Do you have issues on street sweeping days? Do cars remain parked on your street, preventing the street sweeper from doing its job?


Call the Orange County Sheriff Department’s non emergency number 714.527.9100 and request that a citation be issued to the offender(s). 
E-mail the RCSD

Exempt from this Resolution are commercial service vehicles when actively employed in performing that service and dumpsters which are permitted to be temporarily placed on local streets. Those who violate the no parking rule make it impossible for the street sweeper to do its job as effectively as possible and prevent the District and its residents from obtaining the full benefit of this service. The County Sheriff is not always available to enforce parking issues as they are attending to more urgent matters. It’s up to YOU to make them aware of the problem. Keep track of dates and times that your street has been neglected because someone refused to move their vehicle.

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For additional questions about street sweeping, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.
Street Sweeping Facts
Rossmoor has 63 curb miles which are swept on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of every month. When a street sweeping day is a holiday, the streets are swept on the following Monday.
The Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD) contracts with R.F. Dickson for street sweeping services.
The County reimburses the RCSD for the cost of street sweeping.
A County resolution adopted by the Board of Supervisors establishes the hours of no parking (8:00a to 4:30p) everywhere in Rossmoor on street sweeping days.
The signage at major entrances to Rossmoor is deemed to be adequate and sufficient as a notice of street sweeping no parking days and hours by the County.
The County Sheriff is responsible for the enforcement of the no parking provision on street sweeping days.
Only utility, commercial and construction vehicles are exempt from being cited during street sweeping days.
Based on the no parking provision, a vehicle parked in Rossmoor may be cited even if the street has already been swept.
Rossmoor is divided into three street sweeping routes except during heavy leaf season in the Fall when four or five sweepers may be required.
The County Sheriff only deploys one parking enforcement officer even though the community may be served by three to five street sweeping routes.
Street sweeper routes are based on a fixed and continuous path beginning at the north end of Rossmoor and moving southward on a route designed to sweep every street mile in the community.






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