Friday, January 20, 2017

How Do I Maintain My New Tree?

The District is responsible for all major tree pruning and the control and treatment of insect pests and diseases. However, we ask that you take the responsibility for regular watering of your tree.

The following are a few guidelines to follow for proper care and maintenance of your parkway tree.

  1. Keep the tree well free of weeds and other plants; they willl take nutrients away from the tree.
  2. Fill the tree well with water once a week, and twice a week during hot weather; deep watering encourages downward growth of roots and helps to prevent broken curbs and sidewalk damage.
  3. Keep fertilizer with weed killer at least five feet away from the tree.
  4. Do not use weed trimmers around base of tree.
  5. If a tree needs attention, please contact the District at 562-430-3707 and ask for our Tree Consultant.





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