Sunday, January 22, 2017


Tree Program Assistant

Mary Kingman

Tree Program Assistant Office Hours:


9 am- 4 pm (In Field and Office Hours Vary)



"Our pride is rooted in our urban forest."


Rossmoor Tree Brochure


All Tree Related Issues Require the Submission of a Citizen Service Request.

To submit a Citizens Service Request

Please call 562-430-3707 or E-mail:

Emergency Citizen Service Requests must be called in to the office. All calls are logged into our system and assigned a CSR Number for reference purposes.

Please give your full name, address, phone number, nature of the call (i.e. tree trimming, fallen branch, diseased tree, etc.) and a cross street. The District has jurisdiction over parkway trees only.

We do not handle issues with trees on private property. 

All sidewalk issues must be called in to the County directly for resolution. Please call Orange County Public Works at 714-955-0200. 



      District Tree Policy      
      Helping Your Trees Survive the Drought      





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