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"Rush Park is Rossmoor Community Services District Headquarters."


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Where is Rossmoor”? This is a common question encountered by those in-the-know. Well, Hollywood has found Rossmoor and given it a starring role on the small screen in recent years, including Lifetime Television movies like “Untouchable: The Drew Peterson Story”  starring Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco and Ashton Kutcher’s television production of the short-lived game show “Opportunity Knocks”, to name a few. One of the reasons location managers have chosen to film in Rossmoor is the backdrop of uncommon 1950’s-style homes which line every street. This suburbanscape is more reminiscent of a block in Chicago, rather than the O.C.—minus the weather of course.



 "...Hollywood has found Rossmoor and given it a starring role on the small screen in recent years."

Enveloped by a signature brick wall and shielded beneath the umbrella of a stunning urban forest, once you discover Rossmoor you’ll never forget it. Suddenly you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.  Magnificent trees hug charming cul-de-sacs. Winding roads weave patches of arboreal color in and throughout the community. Each morning groups of children can be seen riding their bicycles to school, residents are out walking their dogs, and neighbors stroll down the sidewalk arm-in-arm. It’s as if a Norman Rockwell painting has come to life. Invariably, your gaze is lured skyward by nature’s architecture—block after block of lovely mature trees are a feast for the eyes and the senses.  Cottony white clouds peek through dazzling patterns of branches. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty and tranquility of the land that time forgot.


 "Enveloped by a signature brick wall and shielded beneath the umbrella of a stunning urban forest, once you discover Rossmoor you'll never forget it."

Two large parks command the community landscape: Rush Park and Rossmoor Park, each with its own distinct flavor. Rush Park is Rossmoor Community Services District headquarters, featuring an expansive auditorium, meeting rooms, picnic areas, generous green space and off-street parking. Rossmoor Park is a hub of activity with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, youth activities and sports. Contact us to learn more about Rossmoor’s film culture and how you can experience the benefits of filming in this unincorporated community.


"Two large parks command the community landscape."

Rossmoor Community Services District Jurisdiction: Rush Park, Rossmoor Park, Montecito Center, Foster Mini-Park, Kempton Mini-Park, Signature Wall
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Rossmoor, CA  90720                                                  
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Additional Resources: California Film Commission Publication "Your Property In A Starring Role-What To Expect When Your Home Or Business Becomes A Film Set"    






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