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Rossmoor Recycling and Organic Program FAQs

Dec 06 2021

Q: Is it required to have the three-cart system?

A: State Law requires the three-cart system to be in place by January 1, 2022


Q: What materials go into the three carts?

A: Dry recyclables, including paper, glass, plastic and aluminum cans go into the blue lid cart. Organics, including green waste, yard clippings and food waste go into the green lid cart. All other items, except for hazardous waste, such as paint, electronic waste, and chemicals go into the black lid cart.


Q: What types of food waste is acceptable in the organics green cart?

A: Meat, fish, food soiled paper, and spoiled food are acceptable in the organics cart. Green waste such as yard clippings are also acceptable.


Q: When will residents receive their blue recycling and green organics cart lids?

A: The cart lid exchange is scheduled to begin during the month of December and is expected to last 6-8 weeks. Lids will be exchanged from current carts.


Q: Will the existing carts be replaced with new carts?

A: CR&R will exchange existing cart lids with blue lid for recycling and green lid for organics. Residents have one free service per year to exchange their old cart with a new cart.


Q: Do all carts need to be placed at curbside during service day?

A: Yes, please place all carts out for collection each week (even if no items are present) until lids have been exchanged.




Q: What if residents currently only have two trash carts?

A: One of the two cart lids will be replaced with a blue recycle cart lid, and a new organics cart will be provided. Residents will have an option of ordering an additional trash cart if desired for a fee.


Q: What are the different sizes of carts available for the three-cart system, beginning January 2022? Are these sizes currently available?

A: 35-gal, 64-gal, and 96-gal are available for the trash, recycle, and organics carts. Please note recycling and organics program is scheduled to begin January, 2022


Q: Can residents request cart sizes of their preference?

A: Yes, they can by calling CR&R Customer Service at 800-826-9677 or via email at      


Q: Are different trucks coming to collect the three different carts?

A: Two trucks will collect, with one truck collecting dry recyclables, emptying at the recycling facility, and then coming to collect organics. One truck will collect the trash cart. Three collections in total.


Q: Is it okay to collect recyclables and organic waste with plastic bags?

A: It is best to place your recyclable items loose in the recycle container or use a bag to collect, and then empty loose into the blue cart. Plastic bags are not acceptable to collect organics waste. Instead, you may use compostable / biodegradable bags, paper bags, brown bags, or no bag at all.


Q: What happens to the materials once it reaches CR&R facility?

A: Recyclables are processed at our facility located in Stanton, with organics composted at our facility located in San Juan Capistrano.




Q: What are the types of plastic acceptable into the recycling container?

A: Most plastic items from #1 - #7 are acceptable in the recycling cart. Styrofoam and film plastic / plastic bags are not acceptable.


Q: When the three-cart system is in place, are residents still allowed to use any Buy Back Center?

A: Residents can choose and continue to bring their cans & bottles to any Buy Back Center nearby.


Q: Are large pieces of tree branch and untreated wood waste accepted in the green organics cart?

A: Tree branches and untreated wood waste up to 4 feet in length and as much as 3 inches in diameter are acceptable in the organics cart. If they’re larger than 4 feet, residents can request for free bulky item collection service.


Q: How many special pickups a year are allowed for residents?

A: Residents can schedule for free Bulky Item Pick Ups up to three (3) times a year with up to four (4) items per collection. A collection fee will apply after the third pickup.


Q: Are smoke detectors considered e-waste?

A: Smoke detectors are considered hazardous waste. They can be accepted at any hardware store.



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