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Standing Committees - Committee Agendas click here

Audit CommitteeMichael Maynard-C, Jo Shade
Budget CommitteeTony DeMarco-C, Michael Maynard
Investment CommitteeNathan Searles-C, Jo Shade
Personnel and Contract Administration CommitteeTony DeMarco-C/Michael Maynard
CIP/PW CommitteeJeff Barke-C, Jo Shade
Parks and Facilities CommitteeMichael Maynard-C, Nathan Searles
Trees/Parkways CommitteeJeff Barke-C, Jo Shade

Ad Hoc Committees

Community Traffic/Safety Advisory CommitteeTony DeMarco-C, Nathan Searles
+(2) LAUSD, (2) Residents


Advisory Committees

Community Relations Advisory CommitteeTony DeMarco-C, Michael Maynard
Government Relations Advisory CommitteeTony DeMarco-C, Jeff Barke
(ISDOC, Legislative Affairs, WCC/OCTA)
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