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What can a resident do when they have a street sweeping complaint? 

Residents can call the RCSD office at 562-430-3707 or Street Sweeping Corp of America at 562-861-4606. District personnel will do every thing possible to resolve the matter. Very often, situations are beyond the control of the District.  If it is a sweeping issue, the District will notify the street sweeping company and attempt to get a response to a resident’s complaint. Parking citation and enforcement issues must be dealt with through the Orange County Sheriffs Department. Please follow the instructions on the back of your citation.

How do I register a question/complaint? 

Please visit our "Drop us a Line" page and explain the situation and/or question that you have.


Why do you charge an application fee? 

To cover our processing costs.

When is the deposit due on a facility rental? 

After an application is approved and a User Permit is granted by the District & signed by the renter.

When do I pay the balance? 

At the time your User Permit is issued by the District or no less than 10 days prior to your event. 

I’ve shopped for facility rates and spoke to someone over the phone about availability, so I have a reservation right? 

No. An application must be submitted and then approved by the District first. A reservation is only achieved after the District grants a User Permit; whereby you must visit the RCSD office, sign the User Permit and pay an application fee and deposit.

Can I make a reservation over the phone? 

No. RCSD requires that you fill out an application first. Once your application is approved you must come to the RCSD office to sign your User Permit and pay at least the application fee and deposit in person.

When can I pick up the key? 

No more than a few days before your scheduled event. The General Clerk will advise you as to when the best time is.

How soon will I get my cleaning deposit back? 

Your refund check will be mailed to you approximately 8-10 business days after your event OR later if you fail to return the key and/or gate opener promptly after your event.

How do I set the alarm? 

You’ll receive a complete set of alarm instructions when you pick up your key.

Do you charge a cancellation fee? 

If you cancel your reservation, you will forfeit the $20.00 application fee.

Do you loan projectors, microphones and/or speakers? 

No. You’ll have to supply your own special equipment for your event.

How far in advance can I rent a facility? 

Residents can rent a facility up to 6 months in advance. Non-residents can rent a facility up to 3 months in advance. 

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes. The District accepts credit cards and checks. Reservations and payments for tennis and picnic site reservations must be made online.

How far in advance can I book a tennis and pickleball court? 

Residents may book a tennis court up to two weeks in advance. Non residents may book a court up to one week in advance.

Why can’t I book a tennis/pickleball court under my first name only? 

Because the RCSD needs to maintain complete and accurate databases.

Can I book back to back tennis/pickleball reservations? 

Maximum of up to 2 hours per day. Each hour of play will be scheduled under one name only.

Why are nonresidents allowed to use Rossmoor Tennis/Pickleball Courts? 

The courts are located in a public park, paid for in part by general tax dollars.

Why can’t I have helium balloons at my Rush Park Auditorium Event? 

The high ceilings make it extremely difficult to retrieve escaped balloons.

Why can’t I have a D.J. at Montecito Center? 

Because the noise would disturb the surrounding neighborhood.

Why do you have different fees for residents and non residents? 

This is normal practice among most cities/recreation departments.

Why are some cars which are parked in the path of the street sweeper not cited and some cars are cited after the street has been swept? 

Since only one Parking Enforcement Officer is deployed during street sweeping days, the officer can only attempt to follow one sweeper during the day. Many communities utilize one or more officer per street sweeper, thus minimizing the number of missed cars or citing of vehicles after the street has been swept.

Why is parking prohibited all day during street sweeping? 

Rossmoor is somewhat unique in that the streets are laid out in a manner that would make sweeping alternate sides of the street infeasible without signage indicating days and hours of street sweeping. It has been estimated that it would take about 7000 signs located approximately in front of every three or four homes to make the change. Also a new contract would have to be negotiated for dedicated street sweepers on more than two days per month. This would increase costs for street sweeping, fabricating and installing signs and be considered by some to be sign blight throughout the community.

Why is my street missed during some street sweeping days? 

There are many reasons. a) operator error, b) parked cars, c) construction vehicles blocking access to cul-de-sacs, d) parents dropping off school children, e) utility/road work on streets causing an obstruction to the route.

What does the RCSD do with the revenue from street sweeping citations? 

The RCSD receives no revenue from street sweeping. All monies collected by this process are deposited in the County’s General Fund.

Why is it that the street sweeper doesn’t pick up all of the leaves and debris in front of my home? 

Street sweeping is intended to clean what naturally is present on the street. Too often, residents or their gardeners will blow all of the grass cuttings, leaves and small branches from pruning into the street. Vacuum street sweepers used in Rossmoor will clog when there is excess material or branches in the street. Residents should bag and dispose of in trash cans all materials from their yards. Also, over watering causes standing water which mixes with debris in the gutter. This can cause health issues such as the breeding of mosquitoes. Further, wet leaves substantially add to the weight and volume of materials which must be disposed of.

Do you have online reservation and payment options? 

Yes! Our tennis courts, pickelball courts and picnic sites are now reserved online and paid for online with a credit card. Picnic sites may only be reserved by Rossmoor residents. Picnic sites are available to non residents on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please click online services to be directed to the online reservation portal.

Who is responsible for the repair of sidewalks, curbs and gutters? 

All sidewalk, curbs and gutter service requests should be directed to Orange County Public Works at (714) 955-0200. Orange County is also responsible for flood channels, street lights, street repairs and roadway markings and signage.

Who is responsible for electricity; including power lines? 

Electrical service in the City of Los Alamitos is provided by Southern California Edison. For more information, visit: or call Southern California Edison at (800) 655-4555. To report a Power Outage, call (800) 611-1911.

Who is responsible for water? 

Golden State Water Company  in Los Alamitos 909-394-2272. For 24-hour Customer Service or Emergency Service call (800) 999-4033.

Who is responsible for sewer? 

The Rossmoor / Los Alamitos Sewer District maintains all common sewer lines, which are the main lines that run down the center of the street. (562) 431-2223. The District’s 24-hour Emergency Response Line is (562) 431-2223.  Homeowners are responsible for sewer lines up to the main, common line.

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