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General Manager Report - January 8, 2019

Below is a summary of the General Manager Comments given at the January 9, 2019 Board Meeting

Update on County Traffic Improvements: The crosswalk at Montecito and Druid will be removed during the slurry seal in the Spring.  Curb cuts at Copa De Oro and Montecito have been installed.  The crosswalk lines will be painted during the slurry seal in the Spring.

Update on County concrete and asphalt improvements:  The initial completion throughout the community was estimated to be in December 2018.  However, due to rain delays and holidays, the Orange County Public Works Department is now targeting the end of January 2019 for the concrete work.  Roadway repairs will begin the middle of February will the filling of cracks throughout the streets and slurry seal will be done in the Spring.  When completed, it is estimated that these improvements will cost approximately $2.4 million, which is being funded by Orange County.  We would like to thank Supervisor Steele and the Orange County Public Works Department for funding the project.

Rossmoor wall accident update:  Due to a two-car vehicle accident on the corner of Seal Beach Boulevard and Hedwig Road there was significant damage to the Rossmoor Wall.  Another accident occurred at this same location approximately three-four months ago.  The District has requested a traffic study since there have been additional accidents at that same location.  The wall repair would begin shortly. At the corner of Seal Beach Boulevard and St. Cloud, the letter “R” was stolen from the Rossmoor Wall.  Staff has ordered a replacement letter to be installed the missing letter as soon as it arrives.

Letter R stolen on Seal Beach Boulevard:  At the corner of Seal Beach Boulevard and St. Cloud, the letter “R” was stolen from the Rossmoor Wall.  Staff has ordered a replacement letter.  Once it arrives, staff will be installing it.  It is anticipated this will be within the next couple of weeks.

Remote library stations and recent thefts/Nextdoor communications:  Recently, there have been reports and video of an individual who is stealing the books out of the remote Little Free libraries installed throughout Rossmoor by residents and at Kempton Park by the District.  It has been reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department who now has a description of the individual and their vehicle obtained through a resident’s camera and placed on the Nextdoor social media channel.  Residents are encouraged to report any incidents immediately to the Sheriff’s Department.

Bike Lane - Recent County Board Action:  On December 18, 2018, at the Orange County Board of Supervisor’s meeting, the Board of Supervisors took action to install shared bike lanes along Foster Road, and remove the parking restrictions. A letter and a resolution detailing the District’s position to keep the existing bike lanes and parking restrictions was sent on behalf of RCSD to restate the District’s position prior to the Board of Supervisor’s vote. However, due to recent traffic studies and other considerations, the item was passed. by the Board of Supervisors. 

Upcoming recreation activity survey:  RCSD staff will be providing a survey to the community, requesting information as to what additional recreation activities and amenities may be desired in the future. We will be utilizing this information to make recommendations to the Board.

Street lighting update:  We are on target for early February to begin the street lighting project.  As soon as we receive a confirmed start date, we will publicize this information to be sure the community is aware.

The General Manager represented the RCSD at the Orange County Board of Supervisors Holiday Open House on December 20, 2018. He had a meet and greet with Supervisor Michelle Steele and her deputy Tim Whitacre and discussed ongoing street sweeping and parking concerns with them. Mr. Whitacre agreed to schedule a time to meet with the street sweeping vendor and the Sheriff’s Department to try to find a solution. This concludes the General Manager's report. We look forward to a productive year in 2019 as we work together to serve the residents of this wonderful community.

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