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Monday, February 5, 2018 LA Seismic will commence with Seismic data collection. A parade of specialized Vibro-Seis Trucks will be escorted throughout Rossmoor by the Orange County Sheriff's Department during regular daytime hours.

The Vibro-Seis Trucks will complete the route within your city the week of February 5, 2018 during regular daytime hours. For a more date-specific schedule displaying the routes for each day, please check out the project website at:

LA Seismic will generate a daily schedule of the truck route completed for the day, as well as the route for the following day. This information will be displayed on the project website.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this very innovative project. Gathering this seismic data is extremely important to the scientific community, as well as to the safety of our Southland Cities (City of Long Beach depicted in photos). 

The Sensors required to collect this data have already been placed throughout the project area. The specialized Vibro-Seis Trucks will complete pre-determined routes, guided by the Police and Sheriff Departments of the respective cities. 

Questions and concerns may be directed to LA Seismic, LLC, Tracy L. Farmer,

2201 E. Willow Street, Suite D 130, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Cell: 562-208-2922




You can also access the LA Seismic PowerPoint Presentation by clicking on the link:

LA Seismic PowerPoint Presentation 091217.

Access route maps here and here

Access LA Seismic Project informational brochure here

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