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The Rossmoor Community Services District is excited to announce a new tree trimming permit process. Property owners who would like to pay for an aesthetic trim of a parkway tree have the option, upon District approval, to pay for a trim by the District’s tree contractor or can obtain a permit from RCSD to have their own, RCSD approved contractor trim the tree. District pruning permit specifications, along with the complete text of District tree policy can be found on the RCSD website:

The trees on the parkway/right-of-way are public property, owned and managed by Rossmoor Community Services District with a policy in place that protects District trees against unauthorized pruning, removal or damage and gives the District the authority to pursue loss and recovery for District trees that are damaged or removed. In addition to tree protection Policy 3080, the District has a separate Administrative Citation policy in place that authorizes the District to issue citations for unauthorized trimming or removing of parkway trees, with monetary fine amounts ranging from $300-$1000 depending on the severity and frequency of the violation. Rossmoor is known for its trees and has been awarded Tree City USA designation for 10 years in a row! Trees provide shade, oxygen, aesthetic value, increased property values, reduced air and noise pollution and make people healthier and happier. With over 5,000 trees in our parks and parkways alone at a value of over 17 million dollars, Rossmoor’s urban forest is a resource worth protecting!