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Rossmoor Community Services District outgoing President Ron Casey presented his 2019 State of the District Address at its Tuesday, January 14, 2020 regular meeting of the Board. The address focused on the financial, technological and operational accomplishments of the District, as well as important community issues over the past year.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Board President in 2019,” said Casey.

“As we conclude the 2019 calendar year and look forward to Rossmoor’s 2020 vision, I would especially like to express my gratitude to District staff and the entire Board of Directors for their support and dedication.  I am confident that we have met our challenges head on as a team and served Rossmoor residents to the best of our ability. Our fiscal position is strong, and our community’s low crime rate, friendly neighborhood and relaxed lifestyle continues to make Rossmoor one of the best places to live in Southern California.,” said President Casey. The entire address can be read on the RCSD website at

Afterwards, the annual election of officers was held with results as follows:


        Michael Maynard

                            1st VICE PRESIDENT                      2nd VICE PRESIDENT

Mark Nitikman                                      Ron Casey

DIRECTOR                                        DIRECTOR

                                 Tony DeMarco                                        Jeff Barke

Newly elected President Maynard thanked outgoing President Casey for his leadership over the past year and presented him with a proclamation of commendation and commemorative gavel. President Maynard also congratulated First Vice President Nitikman and Second Vice President Casey on being unanimously elected to facilitate the board’s 2020 vision. These individuals will serve a term of 12 months during the calendar year 2020.

“Thank you to my fellow board members for entrusting me to lead this organization in 2020. I am looking forward to the year ahead and appreciate the vote of confidence,” President Maynard stated.

In addition, the Board, serving as the Public Improvement Finance Corporation held an election of officers and appointment of officials as follows:


                                                              Michael Maynard


                                                                 Mark Nitikman


Joe Mendoza


Jones & Mayer

These individuals will also serve a term of 12 months during the calendar year 2020.

Also, that evening, a reception was held in honor of newly promoted Orange County Sheriff’s Department Captain Patrick Rich. Captain Rich received proclamations of commendation from both the Rossmoor Community Services District and Orange County Supervisor Steel’s District Director, Tim Whitacre and introduced his successor, Lieutenant Gary Knudsen, to the Board and community. Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Dorothy Fitzgerald was in attendance to congratulate Captain Rich and meet Lieutenant Knudsen.

Rossmoor Homeowners Association board members, Marian Last, Pei Pei Kelman and Jo Shade were recognized for their volunteer efforts as members of the 2019 Rossmoor Winter Festival Committee.

Regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Rush Park auditorium, 3021 Blume Drive in Rossmoor, CA 90720. You may also view televised versions of the meetings on local channel LATV-3 and online at ###

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