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Rossmoor Residents:

Please keep your parkway trees irrigated, especially during summer heatwaves. Limb failures are far more common during hot weather and trees receiving little to no irrigation are more likely to experience what is referred to as ‘Summer Branch Drop’. This phenomenon causes limbs to drop from healthy trees. Although scientists are not exactly sure of the cause, it's likely to do with trees trying to replenish water lost through the leaves during the day and as the replacement water moves quickly up the tree from roots to limbs, the sudden water weight may cause limbs to snap.

Young trees planted less than a year ago need their watering basins filled at least once a week. If the basin has been flattened or removed, the tree is likely not going to receive enough water. Lawn irrigation spray is not enough for most young trees, even if they are considered drought tolerant once established.

Mature trees, especially Sycamores and Liquidambar trees, need supplemental water during the summer. These are also species that are most associated with summer limb failures.

Mature trees can be watered by soaking with a hose on low, watering under the canopy with a hose or with a drip or spray irrigation system. While weekly watering is ideal, even watering once a month will help the tree and reduce the risk of limb failure.

If a resident is disabled or has issues with watering the tree due to age or health issues, RCSD staff can help with watering the tree. Please keep in mind that staffing is limited on time for tree watering and we greatly appreciate residents that help out by watering their parkway trees.

Thank you!