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WHO? The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is the law enforcement agency responsible for the manner and method of issuing street sweeping citations in accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 22507.6. Rossmoor’s street sweeping schedule is not new, and has been in effect since the formation of the District in 1987.

WHAT? Lately, the District has received phone calls from residents related to street sweeping citations and enforcement. Some calls are concerning citation disputes and other callers have the opposite complaint—their streets are not getting swept due to people leaving their cars parked on the street. These parked cars make it impossible for the sweeper to clean the streets effectively. Callers complain that not only is their street left un-swept and filled with debris, oftentimes the violators avoid the consequences of a citation.

WHEN? Rossmoor Street Sweeping Days are on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If the 1st or 3rd Monday of the month falls on a holiday, the streets will be swept on the following Monday.

WHERE? Street sweeping reminder signs are posted at the entryways to the community, on our website and on social media. There is no dedicated Deputy assigned to follow the sweeper as that individual is shared between Rossmoor and fellow unincorporated County territories. Parking is prohibited on local streets during street sweeping hours as authorized by California Vehicle Code Section 22507.6. This means that cars may be cited AT ANY TIME between those hours, even AFTER the sweeper has already swept the street.

WHY? Rossmoor is not a city and is also somewhat unique in that the streets are laid out in a manner that would make sweeping alternate sides of the street infeasible without signage indicating days and hours of street sweeping. It has been estimated that it would take about 7000 signs, located approximately in front of every three or four homes to make the change. Also a new contract would have to be negotiated for dedicated street sweepers on more than two days per month. This would increase costs for street sweeping, fabricating and installing signs and would be considered by some to be sign blight throughout the community. HOW? The District contracts with R.F. Dickson for street sweeping services and is reimbursed for the expense by the County. If your street was accidentally missed, and this was NOT DUE to a parked car, please send us an email with STREET SWEEPING in the subject line and include your contact information and location. We will submit a request to re-sweep that location. If your street is not swept due to parked cars, contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and provide them with a description of the vehicle so they can issue a citation.

HOW MUCH? Current bail amount of a street sweeping ticket is $47.00.

WHO AND WHAT ELSE? To cite, or not to cite—in surrounding communities, that’s not even a question. The District does not issue street sweeping citations, nor does it receive revenue generated from said citations—that revenue goes to the County of Orange. Please do not contact the District regarding parking citations. If you call or email the District regarding a citation related matter you will be referred to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and must contact them directly. District staff will not intervene in law enforcement matters nor argue on the violators behalf. Instructions for how to dispute your parking ticket can be found on the back of your citation.

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